A greener chemical industry with AvoRe

A greener chemical industry with AvoRe

What we do!


Besides the in-house developed AAT-technique, AvoRe NV offers research and customized solutions for very diverse and often hard to process waste streams. In this context the new company InOpSys was founded.

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AvoRe NV is currently involved in projects concerning flow chemistry (ATOM) and the use of chitin and chitosan (Chitinsect).

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The Advanced Adsorption Technology comprises a new technique, developed by AvoRe NV, for the purification of wastewaters (amongst other waste streams) containing organic contaminants. This new technique has a broad application area.

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Flow Chemistry


The ATOM project has been initiated to obtain more knowledge and insight in the use of flow chemistry in organic synthesis and processes. More information can be found under Cases.

Sustainable chemistry


The focus of the project is the development of new applications based on resources obtained from the black soldier fly. AvoRe NV is working on chitin and chitosan.